The media developed by us complement or enrich

  • your text portfolio in your compliance intranet as well as in your internal documents,
  • your awareness/ communication campaign,
  • your self-designed compliance eLearnings.

You can use clips or entire film sets for your internal compliance training.

Media formats

  • Clips like “Compliance in 100 seconds”
  • Cartoon images or a series of cartoon images
  • PPT slides, interactive PPT
  • Compliance cases (dilemma training)
  • Single images and graphics
  • Interactive animations

Our topics:

  • Compliance organization
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Prevention of antitrust violations
  • Protection of personal data
  • Protection of assets
  • Information security
  • Money laundering prevention
  • Trade sanctions

Your benefit

You increase the impact and the benefit of your campaigns because the incompliance media is understandable and interactive.
To relieve your legal department or outside counsel,
in|compliance content is optionally checked by legal experts.
In addition, the automatic updates can relieve your resources.