In the roll-out phase you already set the cornerstone for many subsequent compliance communication and training measures.
We as a competent and experienced partner would like to accompany you in this early and important stage.

In the roll-out stage, you need to create the understanding and awareness of compliance. This cannot happen without the understanding of the existing corporate culture. We accompany you throughout the entire roll-out process or assist you in a sub-project, such as:

  • Management of the roll-out process and control the efficient use of media,
  • Planning of methods and media,
  • Development of effective media,
  • Conceptual design of intranet sites,
  • Preparation of compliance documents in a comprehensible way,
  • Plan the effectiveness of the project.

“The transitions of compliance communication and training are fluent. Things which are created in the roll-out phase as a training project, are in practice an important communications campaign for the launch of compliance within the company.”

Bruni Rose, Managing Director